Hello my name is Francisco Liañez Suero, I was born in Huelva  in 1957.
The interest for the radio came to me in the 60's.

I built my first transmitter when I was fourteen, it was a oscillator with a EC83 , I did some test with a long wire antenna and I saw the reach of the transmission with the help of a friend, there were good times.

I got my radio license in  1983, EA7FTR  and I began my radio activity on decametric bands.

I am a DX enthusiastic and i love all part of HamRadio.

I began the qsl manager activity in 1999 due to the impossibility to obtain the qsl of any rare countries and aslo for help the guys from countrys with a lot of limitations in the post office,etc.

I hope doing this labour a lot of more years, that is a hard labour, some hams know what i say, other simply not.

Best 73